Ghost Writers List

If the original author is attributed, use the chart below. For series written by multiple authors without attribution to the original author, consider shelving by title (ex. the Pride and prejudice and zombies series, with installments by Grahame-Smith and Hockensmith).

Allingham, Margery Yes Mike Ripley Allingham
Clancy, Tom Yes Dick Couch, George Galdorisi, Mark Greaney, Mike Maden, David Michaels, Steve Perry, Jerome Preisler, Jeff Rovin Clancy
Christie, Agatha Yes Sophie Hannah Christie
Crichton, Michael Yes Daniel Wilson Crichton
Fleming, Ian Yes Sebastian Faulks, Anthony Hern, Charles Higson, Anthony Horowitz, James Duncan Lawrence Fleming, Faulks, or Horowitz Pay close attention to book jacket. Choose from the 3 names to the left, favoring whichever one is displayed more prominently, Fleming OR Faulks/Horowitz.
Flynn, Vince Yes Kyle Mills Flynn
Jordan, Robert Yes Brandon Sanderson Jordan
Larsson, Stieg Yes David Lagercrantz Larsson Use judgement. When Lagercrantz is given top billing in a continuing series, use Lagercrantz.
Ludlum, Robert Yes James Cobb, Douglas Corleone, Jamie Freveletti, Paul Garrison, Joshua Hood, Patrick Larkin, Eric von Lustbader, Kyle Mills Ludlum
Parker, Robert B. Yes Ace Atkins, Michael Brandman, Reed Farrel Coleman, Robert Knott, Mike Lupica Parker
Patterson, James No Alex Abramovich, Nancy Allen, Tucker Axum, James O. Born, Andrew Bourelle, Gabrielle Charbonnet, John Connolly, Brendan Dubois, Martin Dugard, David Ellis, Cynthia Fagen, Peter De Jonge, Max DiLallo, Richard DiLallo, Hal Friedman, Candice Fox, Kathryn Fox, Andrew Gross, Andrew Holmes, Rees Jones, Marshall Karp, Michael Ledwidge, Neil McMahon, Tim Malloy, Maxine Paetro, Emily Raymond, Howard Roughan, Ashwin Sanghi, Mark Sullivan, Robison Wells Patterson List does not include Patterson’s YA and J ghost writers
Puzo, Mario Yes Edward Falco, Mark Winegardner Puzo
Sheldon, Sidney Yes Tilly Bagshaw Sheldon
Truman, Margaret Yes Donald Bain Truman