iCode iType Loan Rule Loan Parameters Call Number Location New Items on STAR?
10121 95 67 21D YH YR $.10 TRAVEL ###.#### Pub Year znaa No

What’s included:

  • Travel guides to popular destinations within the US and abroad. Titles should be geared explicitly toward people planning trips, not armchair travelers; they should include maps, specifics on food and transportation costs, etc.
  • Thematic, activity-oriented books covering one particular aspect of a destination. Favor topic, not location, when classifying these — for instance, our guide to the art museums of Paris has a number in the TRAVEL 700s (Art), not TRAVEL 914 (France). Regionally focused books can be good exceptions, i.e., our road guide to the lobster shacks of New England is in TRAVEL 917.4044 (New England), not TRAVEL 600s (cooking).
  • Up to TWO editions on a given location by a single publisher. So if we have 3 DK guides to France, for instance, delete the oldest one.

What’s not included:

  • General works on the geography or culture of a place, as well as any narrative relating a writer’s personal traveling experiences. These go in the general collection. Most Paul Theroux and Frances Mayes titles are good examples.
  • Guides that were published more than 3 years ago. This pertains to the regularly updated titles listing prices, websites, etc., not the sporadically released guides on thematic topics.

Spine label and other info:

  • Do not add any additional stickers.
  • On initial processing, always add the year of publication in a volume field and make sure it appears on the spine label. If the item-in-hand is on a monograph bib rather than a serial bib (Bib Level “m” not “s”), delete the volume field after printing the spine label.
  • Do NOT record the edition number in the volume field. To standardize the labels, print only the year of publication.
  • For the Cutter, prefer the publisher’s name. Absolutely use publisher for every major guide – Fodor’s, Lonely Planet, etc. – as well as for any lesser known imprint where the publisher’s name is easily discernible from the cover or title page.
    • For Rick Steves guides, be sure to enter under Ric not Ste.
    • For DK guides, use Dor for the spine label (for the publisher’s full name, Dorling Kindersley).
  • If it’s an obscure one-off with little publisher name recognition, use the author’s name.
  • For thematic guides not released by a well-known travel industry publisher, use the author’s name.
  • Class New England travel guides at 917.404, not 917.4044 (the additional “4” is the start of the time period facet and is not needed).
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