iCode iType Loan Rule Loan Parameters Call Number Location New Items on STAR?
11000 95 67 21D YH YR $.10 F, NF, BIO Aut znta Yes. Use iType 82 and location znan. Add STAR to OPAC call number.

What’s included:

  • Fiction: All types can show up here, from “regular” popular and literary fiction to mystery, science fiction, and fantasy novels.
  • Non-fiction: We also acquire some biographies, popular histories, and other factual works in this format. These are generally mainstream, one-off titles intended for recreational listening; as noted on the Audiobook page, favor the COURSES neighborhood for CDs that are explicitly instructional in nature.

What’s not included:

  • Language instruction: We do have a few foreign language resources in this format. Instead of grouping them in the AV area with the fiction and nonfiction Playaways, put them with the other language-learning material in the LANGUAGE neighborhood. Still use the 11000 Playaway icode, but make sure to use the appropriate neighborhood location code (znaa) and sticker.

Spine label and other info:

  • Material type: All Playaways should be on bibs with material type “x” (Portable Media Player). Remember to update this field when importing Playaway records (they come in from OCLC as format “i” (Book on CD)).
  • Biographies: Use the prefix AudioDig BIO plus the person’s name; also apply a BIO sticker.
  • Genre fiction: All fiction spine labels and call numbers, regardless of genre, should start AudioDig F. Apply the appropriate genre sticker and record the genre in an internal note. (We have MANY items still on the shelf with the old AudioDig M/AudioDig SF labeling; “fix” them if they come to CM, but only pull them for relabeling purposes as time allows). Though not pictured below, short story stickers are also used on Playaways.
  • Internal notes: To help ID genre material when running lists, record genre info in an internal note (like we’ve been doing for fantasy works in 10110 that share the SF prefix with regular science fiction titles). See the images below.
  • Message field: The Playaway template should prompt with a message reading Earphones and spare battery not included. If for some reason it doesn’t, or if you find a record missing this info, add it in manually.


playaway images