Class Outline and General Notes

000: Computer science, information, and general works

  • 000: Computer science, knowledge, and systems
  • 010: Bibliographies
  • 020: Library and information science
  • 030: Encyclopedias and books of facts
  • 040: [Unassigned]
  • 050: Magazines, journals, and serials
  • 060: Associations, organization, and museums
  • 070: News media, journalism, and publishing
  • 080: Quotations
  • 090: Manuscripts and rare books

Class Contents

Class 000 is the most general class. It is used for works not limited to any one specific discipline, e.g., encyclopedias, newspapers, general periodicals. The 000s class is also used for specialized disciplines that deal with knowledge and information, e.g., computer science, library and information science, journalism. Each of the other main classes (100–900) represents a major discipline in its own right or a group of related disciplines.

Summary from the DDC Introduction. Access the full class outline here. Also see pages 45-56 of the Manual for more information on the 000s.