Dewey Table

Parapsychology and the occult 130 Reserve this number for paranormal topics associated with human activity. These include mental phenomena not recognized in modern scientific psychological practices (i.e. hypnosis, telepathy), as well as belief systems associated with magic or the supernatural. Also see 001.9.
Friendship 158.25 Prefer this number for works on friendship, especially if they offer advice on maintaining, improving, or getting over close, non-romantic relationships. Use the other major number for this topic, 302.34XX, sparingly, reserving it for titles that emphasize broader group dynamics or sociological principles. Avoid bringing a third number into the mix as much as possible; i.e., reclassify books that come in with 177.62 (friendship–ethical aspects) or 241.6762 (friendship–Christian themes) to 158.25.
Witchcraft 133.43 Use this as the default number for works on witchcraft, wicca, and related occult topics. Do NOT use alternate witch/wiccan numbers at 203.3 or 299.942. Consider numbers outside 133.4XXX only when a title is so focused on a particular, non-occult aspect (i.e., the legal unfolding of the Salem with trials, the historical context of late medieval interest in witchcraft among British royalty) that a number for that aspect is warranted.