Local Author

iCode iType Loan Rule Loan Parameters Call Number Location New Items on STAR?
Varies 95 67 21D YH YR $.10 LOCAL AUTHOR F ###
znaa No

What’s included:

  • Books written by people who live (or have lived for a considerable amount of time) in Rhode Island.
  • Self-published titles released without prior issuance of an advance review copy (ARC) may be included at the discretion of the reference or collection management department head.

What’s not included:

  • Single copies of works by major RI authors should go to the regular collection (znaf/znanf) when coming off new, as patrons are most likely to look for established, well-known names in those areas rather than in the smaller LOCAL AUTHOR neighborhood. When initially processing these items, DO NOT mark them up with all the LOCAL AUTHOR indicators — this means no znaa in the location field, no LOCAL AUTHOR in the call number, no LOCAL AUTHOR sticker on the spine. If another copy for the LOCAL AUTHOR neighborhood seems warranted (the title has particular local relevance/has received lots of local press), email the author and title information to the CM head for review. If she orders another copy, she’ll add a note to the order record to send it to LOCAL AUTHOR when it comes off new.

Spine label and other info:

  • Use the prefix LOCAL AUTHOR F for all works of fiction shelved in this section. Do not use LOCAL AUTHOR M or LOCAL AUTHOR SF for genre novels.
  • DO add genre stickers and use the appropriate iCodes for mystery and science fiction novels, as well as for large print books and biographies. Note that the znaa location code will remain constant for all LOCAL AUTHOR items not currently on new status. See the images below for examples.
  • Duplicate copies of a newly published title should both start out in znan. One will go to regular shelving and one to LOCAL AUTHOR when they come off new. To ensure this split happens smoothly, apply the LOCAL AUTHOR sticker and LOCAL AUTHOR call number prefix to one of the copies on initial processing. When that item comes off new, be sure to change its location code to znaa.
  • If the item is set in or about Newport, we should carry 3 copies – 1 in the regular collection, 1 in this neighborhood, and 1 in the Newport Room. Notify the CM head if we’re short a copy.
  • Consider submitting a webform to OSL if the bib does not have any indication that the writer is local. Prefer a controlled subject heading over a general note. Tag to look for: a 655 genre heading reading “Rhode Island authors.”

lauthor spines