Professional Collection

Collection Criteria:

Both the adult and children’s areas have books intended for teachers, librarians, and other professionals who work with children. Criteria for which items go where are included below.

  • Storytime resources
  • Kids Count Factbooks
  • RI Early Learning & Development Standards
  • Similar material that could be used by a children’s librarian
  • All other resources intended for teachers or librarians

Location, New Status, and Codes:

The children’s professional collection is shelved in front of the large window to the left of the children’s desk (left from the perspective of a patron facing the desk). Items bought for this area are set to new status – znma – when they first arrive.

iCode iType Loan Rule Loan Parameters Call Number Location New Items on STAR?
30133 86 63 21D YH NR $1 Circ. P.C. Ref. j### Aut znja Yes. Use znma for new materials.

Professional collection books in the adult area are not set to znan when first acquired. After processing, send them straight to the stacks with location code znanf. Be sure to use the appropriate iCode for these items – 10133, not 10121.