Dewey has a set formula for material on or about Shakespeare. To create call numbers for his poetry and plays, as well as any related study guides, biographical works, or critiques, follow these steps:

  1. Start with 822.33 as the base.
  2. After the Dewey number, add the appropriate letter or letter/number combination from this table. Biographies, analyses, and collections get an individual letter. When published in its own binding, each play gets a unique letter-number combination. Simple copies of a text get an odd number; criticisms of it get an even one. In the example below, 822.33 W1 McE represents the text of Henry IV; 822.33 W2 Blo is used for Harold Bloom’s analysis of that play.
  3. Finally, add the first three letters of the editor’s name. There is no need to include “Sha” anywhere in the call number or spine. Our Shakespeare collection is here.

shakespeare scaled