iCode iType Loan Rule Loan Parameters Call Number Location New Items on STAR?
10122 95 67 21D YH YR $.10 BIO Name znaa Yes. Use iType 82 and location znan. Add STAR to OPAC call number.
What’s included:
  • As defined in LC documentation, biographical works focus on the personal aspects of an individual’s life. At least half of the text addresses details such as the person’s youth and early adulthood, education, marriage, habits, travels, personality, and death. Make sure a work fits this general criteria before putting it in the BIO neighborhood.
  • Also be sure the work is an individual biography, covering the life of one person only.
What’s not included:
  • Collections of letters written by an individual or exchanged between a group of people. Put these in their topic area – i.e., the edited collection of a famous author’s letter would go in the 800s.
  • Collective biographies, including works about specific families, sports teams, corporate executive boards, or other group entities. Examples:
    • The Adams women: Abigail and Louisa Adams, their sisters and daughters 973.4092 Nag
    • The Kardashians: an American drama 791.4508 Opp
    • Billy, Alfred, and General Motors: the story of two unique men, a legendary company, and a remarkable time in American history 338.7629 Pel
  • Memoirs that focus on a single aspect or discrete period of a person’s life. Celebrity chefs, for instance, tend to focus on their rise through the kitchen ranks and don’t provide a full life history; most of these memoirs are in cooking (641.5092), not BIO. The ones that are in the znaa neighborhood are more well-rounded – they’re full life histories, not snapshots of one aspect of the individual’s life. Another example:
    • The word detective: searching for the meaning of it all at the Oxford English Dictionary: a memoir 423.092 Sim
  • Sports bios about lesser known figures. Example:
    • Smoky Joe Wood: the biography of a baseball legend 796.357 Woo
Spine label and other info:
  • Do not add any additional stickers
  • If necessary, break up long last names with hyphens when printing the spine label
  • Because we now receive biographies pre-processed and B&T does not indent the “BIO” prefix, no longer tab 3 spaces in when printing spine labels for this neighborhood. Labels should appear like the first two books in the image below, not the third.
  • For royalty, authors writing under a pen name, celebrities known by a stage name, and other cases where the subject of the biography may be referred to in more than one way, use the name in the 600|a subfield of the the bib as your reference. For kings and queens, do include the Roman numeral used to distinguish monarchs with the same given name, even though this info isn’t included in |a (see the last title below). Examples:
    Prince Albert: a biography BIO Albert
    Dr. Seuss & Mr. Geisel: a biography BIO Seuss
    The Queen: a biography of Elizabeth II BIO Elizabeth II

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