Binge Boxes

iCode iType Loan Rule Loan Parameters Call Number Location New Items on STAR?
10400 86 65 21D YH 0R $1 DVD Bingebox # Title znan/znda No.


  • Circ policies: Each box circulates as a single unit. The Library should own a separate circulating copy of each title in the Binge Box.
  • Barcoding:  Each box circulates with one barcode. The individual discs do not need barcodes.
  • Material type: Use “o” for kit.
  • Avoid edition-specific info in the bibs: Do not include standard numbers of any kind or notes about special features. (OSL does recommend that we include added title fields (730) for each film; if entered consistently, these uniform title entries let patrons link to all versions of a film that have the authorized title heading including in their bib, facilitating access to editions with special features, particular actors, etc. See the Indiana Jones box as an example. If LC has established a heading for a film, you can find it here.
  • OSL documentation: The two-page processing guidance from OSL’s September 2019 DBM meeting is available here.


  • General note: Include this 500 note in every binge box record: Each bingebox is lent as a single unit. Limit 1 box per patron at a time. Other loan rules: 3-week borrowing period, no holds, no renewals, $2/day overdue fine.
  • Contents note: Itemize the films in each box with a 505 contents note, using subfield “t” to demarcate each title.
  • Summary notes: Cut-and-paste the 520 field from the existing Sierra record for each movie and include it the binge box record. There will be multiple 520s in each bib.
  • Ratings: Make note of each film’s MPAA rating in a single 521 field (though this is a repeatable field, we’ve been consolidating the ratings into one 521 to shorten the OPAC display).
  • Subject headings: Include one or two 65X fields from each movie’s existing Sierra record, cutting-and-pasting only the most relevant heading(s) for each title.
  • MARC template: An example of the bib-level fields we typically include is available here.
  • Message field: In the item record, note the number of discs in each box.
  • Physical processing:
    • The CM Head prepares a custom graphic for the front of each container. This includes our library name, the binge box number and barcode, as well as a list of contents.
    • A large barcode should be placed on the front of the box and a small barcode on the back.
    • Individual disc containers get spine labels — in the same bottom-of-the-spine spot as regular DVDs.
    • Apply stickers directing patrons to return the boxes to the circ desk — not via the book drop — to the inside cover and outer back of each box.
    • Affix a copy of the barcode to the back. See the images below.
  • New status: As of October 2020, new binge boxes start off with location code znan (previously, all were sent up as znda). Mark new collections with a yellow dot sticker — not a regular new month sticker — placing the dot on the upper left corner of the front of the box. When boxes come off new, they’re shelved near the Great Courses, across from the circ desk.





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